How to prepare for your Family Photography Session

1. Relax!

Take a deep breath, this is going to be a lot easier than you think! My approach to family photography is to create a safe space that ensures everyone is having a good time with each other. I love using simple prompts that will likely inspire you and your family to authentically connect and engage with one another in a natural way. This approach is very relaxed compared to forcing you and your family to hold still and pose for the camera. My goal is to have you always feel at ease and be focused on the present moment; forgetting that there is a camera documenting the scene.  

Castle Rock Family Photography Session with family jumping up and smiling
A relaxed fall family session in Castle Rock, CO.

2. Prep the kids by talking about the upcoming session in a light-hearted, low-pressure way.

I recommend that you tell them you want to get photographs of your family together because you want them to be able to look back at the images and for them to remember how much you love them. Tell them how important this is for you, and that it’s not about everything being perfect, but just about showing them how much you love them while I capture it for you. 

No need to ask the kids to look at the camera, or smile for the camera, or do anything for the camera, really. Aside from a few photos in the beginning where everyone is looking at the camera, I will direct everyone so that we capture genuine connection and the authentic personalities within your family. 

A Family of three enjoying one another on their farm.

3. Kids will be Kids

In regards to tantrums, sibling arguments, and general chaos, I promise nothing phases me. Please don’t ever feel like I’m judging anything and try not to worry about how the photos will turn out if your kids aren’t being perfect angels. 

Most importantly, just go with the flow and try not to stress if things don’t go the way you planned. Kids are unpredictable, and that’s ok. There is no such thing as a perfect session, no matter how much we plan. Try and let go of any expectations that it will be, because it’s not about that. 

Know that I am experienced at finding the lovely moments within the hard stuff and no matter what happens, I will capture the beauty within it.

A photograph of siblings laughing together in black and white
Siblings laughing with one another in Thornton, CO

4. What to Wear

The clothes you wear should be comfortable enough for you to move freely in, and they should make you feel good when you wear them. 

Wear comfortable clothes that are perhaps slightly elevated from what you’d wear at home everyday. Don’t go super dressy or constricting because you will want to be able to move around and play with the kids! I think it is very important for you to be able to look at the final images and recognize yourself for who you are instead of a dressed up “fashion-model” version of yourself.

Natural fibers like soft linen and cotton will photograph beautifully. Avoid thin stripes, and tight checkered patterns as these will not photograph that well. 

In terms of colors to wear, choose colors from a color palette and mix it up so that no one is wearing the same color. One popular palette to choose from would be neutral, earthy tones that won’t show dirt or stains as easily (meaning you can relax more about that during the session!).

Feel free to text me a couple of options that you’re choosing between. I’m more than happy to help! Also feel free to scope out a more detailed post on what to wear to your session here.

I look forward to working with you- I believe you will have a positive time connecting with your family members and our session together will be a very happy memory for all of you! (Aside from all of the beautiful images you will have to show for it…) 

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