You and your kids have unique personalities, let's capture them in an authentic way. I use prompts to facilitate a playful and meaningful time as a family. As you bond and exchange joy between one another, I will carefully preserve these special moments of connection with my cameras!

Did you know that kids who have family portraits displayed in their home have higher self esteem than those that do not?

I look forward to capturing the spirit of your family in a beautiful and moving way so that your children can look back on these photos and know just how much you loved them at this stage in their lives. 

The Experience

We meet together and I help you choose artwork to decorate your home. Only purchase the artwork you love! 


Enjoy your session! This is the fun part where you are hanging out and I give you fun prompts to enjoy each other in a light-hearted, yet meaningful way. 


Book a call- Let's chat about what you are looking for in your photo session and final photographic artwork.  I will send you a custom proposal, and once the session fee is paid your family will be on my calendar and we will be making magical memories together soon! 


Ready to create happy 
& beautiful memories? 

- Kristen M.  -

"Thank you Mary for making the experience of family photos so fun!"

- client name -

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I try to respond to all messages within 24-48 hours!

 I'd love to be apart of telling your family's story- looking forward hearing from you! 

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