It is my mission to truly honor each person that is in front of my camera with enthusiasm and sincerity.  I want to see beyond what someone looks like and celebrate who that person is in a holistic way. Focusing on catching moments of honest connection between family members is really important to me because that is what I think your kids will value the most when they are adults themselves and look back at these photographs decades later! 

I'm Mary

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horse therapy

happy parenting moments

meditating in nature

If you are a parent, you probably recognize that the parenthood journey is filled with highs and lows. Amidst the frequent whirlwinds come those pure moments of joy that can truly light up our lives. Like last night, I sat down with my two boys and we watched the musical finale scene of the movie "Turning Red." We broke out into song together, amidst lots of laughter and bonding in the spontaneous joy of the moment. These connective, happy experiences remind me why it's all worth it – they're the gems of parenthood that make the ride so incredible. 

I have been honored to have participated in horse therapy as it has brought a unique dimension to my personal development journey. It's not just about the beautiful horses themselves; it's the invaluable lessons they've taught me about listening and following my gut instincts. Much like those therapy horses, there's a very deep, grounded, and empathetic aspect in each of us that we can learn to tap into. This outlook and “following my gut” has shaped not only my photography, but also most of my daily choices. 

Like many Coloradans, I have found a great amount of peace while being outdoors. Through walking meditations in nature, I’ve discovered a way to unwind and connect with myself and the world around me. Moving gently amidst the beauty of open spaces, I've often come to great clarity and a profound sense of equanimity. It's a practice that rejuvenates me, helps keep me centered amidst the chaos of life, and leads me to embrace the wonders that are everywhere in plain sight. 

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- Rachel B. -

Can not express how much I enjoyed working with Mary, she was calm, cool and collected the entire time with my unruly children. She was able to engage with them so that they enjoyed the experience and came up with some of my favorite photos EVER! She is awesome!